Powdered Sugar Feet at San Gennaro

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the powdered sugar disaster that was my black leggings and black shoes at the end of night last evening. It was a sign of the great time I had visiting the 87th annual Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy, NYC. This feast runs this year from September 12th through September 22nd so if you haven’t gone to visit yet then you have a couple of more days to get there.

The streets at arrival to San Gennaro Festival
The streets at arrival to San Gennaro Festival

This was my 1st time visiting as I have made it one of my goals to visit almost every food festival I can afford or have time to visit in the NYC area this year. Plus I love food, and I’m a #fatkid so I feel it’s my personal obligation to feast whenever possible. And feast I did.

My friend and I started the evening out by first walking from one end of the festival to the other to see what the offerings were. I stopped to get a banana daiquiri (with rum please!) to lubricate the muscles for the exercising I was about to do. This was $10 for a souvenir cup and 1 refill at any daiquiri station I came across. They also had an unlimited refill option for $12. Daiquiri wasn’t bad but I didn’t really taste the rum… possibly because I’m a pirate. Jury is still out.

The typical street fair offerings were available but with an Italian twist… sausage pepper and onions, steak sandwiches, potato tornados, zeppoles, pizza, grilled corn, baked clams, raw oysters, fried shrimp & soft shell crab, cannolis, cakes, and cookies galore, 5 golden rings and a partridge in a pear tree! They had it all.


We decided to stop at one of the many restaurants who were offering a special for the night and not order off the specials menu which we selected due to the fact it was seemingly the only one that didn’t pull out the lawn chairs to seat diners in outside. This restaurant turned out to be La Nonna, which according to Yelp! reviews isn’t that good, however we found the service to be wonderful and the food was pretty delicious.

Our strategy after dinner was to now find dessert and possibly other snack foods we might like to try before heading home. I saved room because my eyes were set on baked clams as soon as I saw them. They came 8 for $10 at the booth I stopped at. They were possibly the smallest clams I’d ever seen in life but so tasty I was glad I spent the money on them.

One of the many cases filled with sugary things. We later had the chocolate covered strawberries... it could not be helped
One of the many cases filled with sugary things. We later had the chocolate covered strawberries… it could not be helped

For dessert we tried the chocolate covered strawberries which looked enticing from when we passed by them the 1st and 2nd time we walked by. I chose to get ONE fried oreo. I have no idea why I did that. I can only blame temporary insanity as I immediately wanted to turn around and get about 15 more. This is also the blame for the powder sugar which came to be so generously sprinkled down the entire front of my body and feet. Which led to me walking down the street later saying, “I’m the cannoli now!”

Good times!

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