How To Not Be Pretentious First Thing In the Morning

Western Omelet on White Toast
A simple but delicious order: Western Omelet w/ cheese on white toast from Homefront Deli located at 41 East 41st St, NYC

“I would like a pastrami on a whole wheat wrap with one fresh egg and one egg white folded over provolone w/ salt and pepper and toasted” said the tall man in front of me this morning as I was standing in line waiting for my breakfast order.

“Can you repeat that?” asked the poor line cook who was inevitably going to mess this up.

“I said I want a pastrami on a whole wheat wrap….” ……………. you get the drift dear readers.

If there is one thing I hate, it’s pretentious food orderers. These are the people who ask for their coffee to be at 101 degrees precisely at Starbucks, who request the special “lite” menu at Olive Garden and then complain because there was a tiny pin bone in their fish soup. These people probably don’t have wire hangers in their closet.

I realize that food is a service industry and it’s all about pleasing and satisfying the customer, but sometimes a customer can be a real pain in the *ss. Which I suppose is to be expected if you are at a 5 star restaurant or upscale event, but nobody should have to deal with you at the local breakfast spot or bagel cart. Just MHO.

I said all that to say that in my year of officially being a working girl in the city, I have stumbled upon at least one consistently delicious hole in the wall to stave off the morning tummy grumbles. This place is Homefront Deli which is on 41st street.

For some stupid reason I had it in my head that I only needed to frequent the building cafeteria/restaurant for breakfast (6b Restaurant) which is OK. I refuse to eat there for lunch because their food is always bland, cold, or horrible, but for something in the morning its not a bad look. Except that they routinely burn my toast and have set the toaster on fire a number of times. They also have great ice coffee.

Reuben Sandwich 
Couldn’t help but include this Reuben Sandwich also from Homefront Deli for your viewing pleasure

Then we had an intern who was a tiny bit more adventurous than I and he raved about the breakfast sandwiches at the deli next door. I had been there a number of times for lunch and was impressed with the taste and quality but I never went for breakfast.

Braving the new frontier I stumbled in one morning and was immediately greeted and welcomed by the friendliest person on the block, Jimmy, who seems to be the head guy for the kitchen. He seems to have incredible memory as he was able to call out the regular orders for 95% of the people in the place, and there were a lot of people.

I noted no pretentious people, which made me happy, and I have since been back on a regular basis and the breakfast sandwiches are huge for the price (I don’t think I’ve paid more than $5 for a typical meat/egg combo or omelet) and they also offer platters and your regular fruit cups, etc. Supposedly their coffee is awesome as well but I haven’t tried that yet. So if you need a place to go in the area that is douchebag free… here is my recommendation.

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