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Powdered Sugar Feet at San Gennaro

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the powdered sugar disaster that was my black leggings and black shoes at the end of night last evening. It was a sign of the great time I had visiting the 87th annual Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy, NYC. This feast runs this year […]

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My Love Affair With New Orleans

Today I ran across this great article on Thrillest regarding the biggest meals in New Orleans. I’ve been to NOLA twice so far and each time I fall deeper in love with it. Between the food, the culture, the weather, the Cajun accent and the absolutely stunning gems of architecture… I may have to eventually […]

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Blackened Fish Sandwich

One of the best quick meals for me when I’ve had a long day at work and don’t really feel like cooking is a great fish sandwich. Fish is extremely adaptable to a variety of cooking styles and there is a fish for every palate. A lot of my meals feature seafood and fish of […]

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Best part of waking up…

Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I am NOT a morning person. The only reason I drag myself out of bed some days is because I don’t want to get fired I know that breakfast is at the end of the long trek to my day job in the big city. Some days I want a simple […]

Snickerdoodle Glory
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Making Snickerdoodles

I remember when I first made this recipe… it was actually in Home Ec class in the 8th grade. I thought they were delicious and my mother was pleased when I brought them home for her to try. They became my go-to cookie when I needed something sweet and my mother begs me to make […]