Bring on the 20s

I don’t set strict yearly resolutions anymore (like “Don’t go to McDonald’s”) because I know I’ll break them. I’ve learned that much about myself in recent years at least. What I do instead is pick a purpose or mentality I want to achieve or remind myself of through the year. This year I’m determined to ‘treat myself better’, which sounds like a line from a self-help book, but does reflect itself in dozens of seemingly small ways each day.

Today for example, the minute I thought of something to blog about I started writing it. Too often last year I thought about things to write, said I’d do it later when I was in a proper “blogging” mood… and it never happened. Then I got mad at myself because I had all these things I wanted to say and never did. So, treating myself better in this sense meant getting my thoughts out right now and not relegated to some perfect time when all the stars align. I’m not writing to win awards here. And I know at the end of the year if I keep this up I’ll have actually produced some content I’m proud of. It’s a step to achieving some of my larger goals.

‘Treating myself better’ also means that I push and believe in myself as much as I do everyone around me. We all need to find a way to hold ourselves accountable for our goals, so I’m making this mine. It’s a work in progress but makes a positive beginning for the new ’20s.

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