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Review: Thai Son (Chinatown – NYC)

One of my fave parts of traveling is trying new eateries. I was on a multi-state business trip last week and have a few places that stand out in mind, the first was this little gem a friend of one of my colleagues suggested to us saying “This is where I would go for my […]


Bring on the 20s

I don’t set strict yearly resolutions anymore (like “Don’t go to McDonald’s”) because I know I’ll break them. I’ve learned that much about myself in recent years at least. What I do instead is pick a purpose or mentality I want to achieve or remind myself of through the year. This year I’m determined to […]


The CATS Movie

This movie……. Imagine you took some acid and drank two glasses of milk forgetting you were lactose intolerant then tripped and hit your funny bone as you ran to the bathroom where you have one of those fancy toilets that play music when you poop and a framed photo of kittens rolling around in toilet […]

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Powdered Sugar Feet at San Gennaro

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the powdered sugar disaster that was my black leggings and black shoes at the end of night last evening. It was a sign of the great time I had visiting the 87th annual Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy, NYC. This feast runs this year […]

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My Love Affair With New Orleans

Today I ran across this great article on Thrillest regarding the biggest meals in New Orleans. I’ve been to NOLA twice so far and each time I fall deeper in love with it. Between the food, the culture, the weather, the Cajun accent and the absolutely stunning gems of architecture… I may have to eventually […]

Snickerdoodle Glory
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Making Snickerdoodles

I remember when I first made this recipe… it was actually in Home Ec class in the 8th grade. I thought they were delicious and my mother was pleased when I brought them home for her to try. They became my go-to cookie when I needed something sweet and my mother begs me to make […]